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The first picture above is of the my newly completed building for lease showing the outside. The size of each bay is 30'x 60' or 1800 sq ft. The bathroom is connected to the office, not in the back of the space as these pictures show. Please call 901-848-3646 for detailed information or email us at



If you have ever thought of moving your business out of the Memphis area to a lower tax area like North Mississippi, then you don't want to miss this opportunity. More and more businesses relocate to North Mississippi every day. High taxes and rampant crime, theft and tougher codes enforcement make the choice easy for many business owners. They want their employees to have a nice place to work as well as feel safe. There are great tax and business incentives given for qualifying companies to move to Marshall County.

With this new Flex space development, offered by Office/Warehouse Properties LLC, you can finally have the right reasons to move your business to a better location. This is new construction for office/warehouse space and is located very close to the Mississippi Tennessee state line just minutes from Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and Piperton. It is also 10 minute from Desoto County on 302. The proximity of these towns and cities allow you to get away from it all without going too far off the map.

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